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After many years away from the camera I returned, in my early 20s, to photography as a model, makeup artist and muse, which eventually lead me back to my camera. As a model I traveled quite a bit, and fell in love with the documentation of the world around me. As a personal belief, I feel as though the world has closed its eyes- and I want to reopen them, not out of the typical fear-driven-media models, but in love, inspiration and admiration for the diversity and beauty that exists in all things- animate or inanimate.

My personal projects, my “Soulshine”, are driven by the exploration of the ordinary and the emphasis on internalization. Abstraction in a familiar voice is what I strive for. My obsession with the ordinary is uncontrollable – hence the explorative approach to most of my human and non human subjects alike. Soulshine is often a dark-path-which-leads-us-to-the-light intuition. In order to find truths, you must dispel the delusions.



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