See below for descriptions of the materials we use to display images. For information about hanging the PrintedArt mounted prints, please read our hanging instructions.

Aluminum Dibond

We mount your printed image with a special adhesive to a double layer of thin aluminum with a PVC core in between. This material guarantees extraordinary stiffness and a very even surface. As an additional protective layer, the image receives a laminated finish to protect it from the elements and from UV damage. Both matte and glossy images can be mounted on aluminum dibond. The mounted image comes with hangers that allow for the image to hang frameless. Mounting hardware is included.

Aluminum Dibond with Acrylic

Sealing the image with a layer of acrylic gives it sheen and guarantees extraordinary durability. The image is mounted behind an acrylic plate before being glued on the aluminum dibond. In addition to the increased durability, this method gives the images improved depth perception and vibrance. All images mounted with acrylic can be hung directly on the wall without framing. Mounting hardware is included.

Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are mounted on a stretch frame for display in what is commonly known as a “gallery wrap”. This means the printed image will be wrapped around a wooden frame so that part of the photo is covering the sides of the frame. This allows the canvas print to hang without the need for framing.

When planning to order your canvas print, you will need to keep in mind that any detail in the image that is close to the edge might end up on the side of the frame rather than the flat surface. For example, when submitting a portrait shot, make sure the face in the portrait is more than 1 inch away from the edge to ensure that it does not get wrapped.

The same rule is valid for any other important detail: Check your image and verify that you have at least 1 inch on all sides that can be wrapped around the edges of the frame.