White Out

In the world of photography, we see white as a color or, combined with black and grey tones, a style of photography. In the dictionary, white (as all colors) is listed as an adjective. Bleached, natural, chalky, ivory, unpigmented, colorless, silvery, grizzled and the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light, is what it reads. If you look at all of the following images, although their main focus is white, there is so much character and so much added to the frame because of the type of white, and subject matter that is involved. White has many hues, we see here a couple of grey whites, a brownish white, and a blue white. These are perfect in an area that is darker, either by paint or lighting. Light up a mudroom with a wonderful shot of swans down, bring the paneling of a classic dining room up to this century with a modern image of a perfect egg! All are available in many sizes and finishes!

Pebbles by Jack Cousin

Snowed Under by Anne-Sophie Olive

Cubes For The Rubes by Larry Donnelly

Glacier Trek by Jeff Berk

Egg by Ulf Buschmann

Swansdown by Maz Gramlick

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