WATER COLOR 31: Blue Ripples

Orange autumn colors and blue ripples on the surface of a northern lake
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I had travelled several hundred miles on this day, heading north from central Michigan and ending up on a dock a hundred yards from Lake Superior, ready to begin a week of photography. I had already set up camp on a nearby lake, and was just starting my search for new photographs. Sometimes it takes me a day or two to settle into “seeing” potential photographs once again, but this day I was lucky—I immediately noticed the combination of waves and autumn reflections that created a strong design. The blue waves are reflecting the deep blue sky above, while the orange areas are reflecting autumn maples on the shore.

I knew that this subject would be difficult to photograph with normal photographic equipment because the waves were in constant motion—necessitating a fast shutter speed—yet I wanted the whole image from front to back to be in sharp focus, which normally requires a small aperture. The solution was to use a special tilt lens that enabled me to freeze the action with great detail over the whole image.

LOCATION: Little Lake Harbor just off Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, USA.

This photographic print is part of a limited edition produced by photographer Lee Rentz. The edition consists of 250 prints, which includes all sizes and methods of printing. When the edition is completed, no more fine art prints will be created from this photograph, although the image may be used for open edition notecards and other very small prints.

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