Tweet Tweet - Sweet!

We gather for you images of birds today! The funny thing is that aside from the subject matter; that being species - these photographs come off very differently. Some are portrait shots, some are movement. There is great demonstration of exposure mastery and texture, and real clarity/focus on the piece featuring two Puffins. Just because they're birds barely makes them the same! One is practically a landscape shot, and then there are the very personal looking pieces - or should they be called birdonal? Either way, the quality of our Collection always speaks for itself! Enjoy!!

Blastoff! by Rakesh Malik

Great Egret In The Mist 2 by Deborah Nelson

Listen To What I Am Saying by David Hemmings

The Flamingo Dance by Ralph Clevenger

The Peacock by Susie Hoffpaiur

Young Kooka by Howard Mitchell

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