Sky High Transportation

Is anyone fascinated by planes, by the sky, by birds or even by the idea of flying itself? When I was a child I wanted to learn to fly a helicopter. I haven't done that yet, however my fascination of what is up in the skies is still very strong. This week's batch is focused on the transportation modes - some more for show, that use the sky as their highways. Think about all that has to go right in shooting these images. First the weather, then the timing, and the framing, well, that almost seems like a crap shoot! Our Printed Art represented artists manage to make it look easy; for more images of top quality, please peruse our Collection!

Ballooning by Howard Mitchell

Go Far North by Rakesh Malik

New Destination by Alessandro Giorgi

Up, Up And Away by Larry Donnelly

New Arrival by Susie Hoffpaiur

Earhart Flyer by Ken Beerger

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