Seasons Beautiful

When we are living within a season, we don't always get a chance to take a step back and observe it - we can be too busy dealing with it. Raking leaves, gardening and shoveling snow are among many things that humans to to cope with, or best take advantage of, the seasons. Here are two images from each for you to view, and not work inside of! Some of these will add lightness and cheer to a room, some will add a more pensive quality to your walls. Which season do you enjoy most?

Petal Perfect by Larry Donnelly

Is it Twins? by Mary Mullarkey

The Fence by Connie Etter

Red Frost by Al Greiner

Butterfly Orange by Nanette Ferreri

Wind Rush by Howard Mitchell

Cloudy Bright by William Schmid

Fall Leaves by Anna McAlister

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