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A qinlin a Chinese mystical creature of very fortuitous nature,also known as a chi lin, its form is made up of dragon's scales,deer's antlers mounted on a large head. It features in lion and dragon dancing, but the costume can be rather cumbersome due to the heavy head. Its a powerful symbol in feng shui, a creature which can ward off evil (sha chi) and protect you and your family, leading to great prosperity and longevity. Records of the qinlin date back to 2697 BC, the start of the reign of the Yellow Emperor, the appearance of the beast is said to be a good omen marking the advent of a famous birth, or death. For example it is said that one appeared to Confucius's mother shortly before she gave birth, it produced an enscribed jade tablet telling of Confucius's destiny.

This image shows a single female qinlin, with coins under one of its front paws.Its cast in bronze and represents an imposing figure.

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