Odd Man Out

Your eye heads straight for it. Is it the focus or just the one section of the image that is different? An aside, an anomaly, an aberration, a spotlighted object, or something just left behind? These images all have a standout focal point, whether it is odd in a field of similar, or one in a field of nothing, yet they all have the same feel. And that is what's special. Not necessarily the object, it's the feel of the entire setting. Calm, caution, confusion, the photograph that has us think, that has us look twice, and the image that has us slow down. Creativity and the gift of someone else's point of view, these are the traits commonly found in the expression of the Printed Art represented artist. indeed. Please enjoy!

In The Sand by A.D.

Reed With Raindrops by Ralph Clevenger

Stranded Leaf by Ken Beerger

Lavender Morn by Howard Mitchell

Poppy In A Field Of Wheat by David Halperin

Tumbling Stones 2: Rhyolite and Basalt by Lee Rentz

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