lotus flower - redemption

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Taken with a Contax 645 AF medium format camera with a Carl Ziess 140 mm f2.8 lens and using Fuji Velvia 50 film, this is an image showing a single exotic lotus flower. Once only seen by royalty, these wonderful flowers can now be enjoyed by everyone. Besides being very good to look at the roots make a delicious salad.

The lotus flower is closely associated with Buddhism, in fact if you visit any Buddhist temple in Asia you are sure to see a Buddha seated on one. This flower represents a woman's womb and as such is the giver of life, hence the notion 'God is a woman!'.

This fine art photographer specializes in mysticism, his book 'Mystical views toward 2012' was published by Blurb.com in 2010 and was written by sunwei. His works are now becoming collectible and are a sound financial investment for the future.

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