Look! Up In The Sky...

We hope you're having a day that's cruising at high altitude! Here at Printed Art headquarters, we are airborne! These images combine aerial views, sky/cloud photographs, or the likeness of something mechanical that creates the means to get to an aerial view. The most widely known aspect that aerial photography is used and applied in, is cartography, or the making of maps. Other purposes are for land-use planning, archaeology, movie production, power line inspection, and surveillance. Do your own surveillance at home by hanging some of these beautiful shots, and watch the reaction of friends and family to these creative gems! All images in the Printed Art Collection are available in a variety of dimensions and finishes; try some on for size!

Go Far North by Rakesh Malik

Alaskan Purple Haze by Lee Rentz

Yellow Airplane by Alessandro Giorgi

Ballooning by Howard Mitchell

Up, Up And Away by Larry Donnelly

From The Balloon by David Halperin

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