The Hue Of Blue

The color blue sometimes gets a bad rap. So many songs have been written about being blue, sad and blue, having the blues, all to the detriment of this color. It's a cool color, yes, and if we are very cold, we may turn blue, but the connotations are far more negative than for any other color. These images may not all be happy and peppy, but they illustrate the depth of the color, as well as pumping up and down the chroma of this mood master in some of these shots. Give blue a chance, and find many other blue pieces in the Printed Art Collection as well!

Paris, La Fayette - The Blue Dome by Raymond St. Arnaud

Blue Umbrellas by Roupen Baker

Blue Crush 1 by Dennis Smith

Blue Fuzz by Al Greiner

Reservoir by Michael Adendorff

Imperial Beach Sunset by Aris Duenas

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