Hello Greenery, Color of 2017!!

It's Official! This year's Pantone Color Of 2017 is Greenery (15-0343). Here are some images culled from the Printed Art Collection that feature this beautiful shade of green, that Pantone says is a refreshing and revitalizing shade; Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings, and Greenery can be viewed as nature's neutral. See if it works for you! It's vibrant, vital, and fun, and we have a whole host of images that focus on this hue! We hope you're enjoying your 2017 so far, and Greenery is another reason to do so!

Natural Curls by Howard Mitchell

Profile by Nicole Oakland

Palm Fronds by Roupen Baker

Can You See My Eyes? by Connie Etter

Hay Wagon by Ken Beerger

Surface Tension by Maz Gramlick

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