Enchanted Road

Infrared photograph of a winding road through a magic forest
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I had the afternoon available for photography in Iowa’s Loess (pronounced “luss”) Hills above the Missouri River. These hills are a 200-mile-long string of glacial dust that was deposited by strong winds during our glacial periods when planet Earth was much cooler.

The afternoon was gloomy, with rolling thunder going on and on and on for about an hour—really! Eventually a brief rainstorm swept through, but afterward I was able to create some good photography. The light was far too dull for color photography, or even traditional black-and-white, so I turned to an old favorite—infrared photography. Infrared photography doesn’t record the light spectrum visible to our eyes. Instead, it transforms a scene, with leafy greens recording as ethereal shades of white and light gray. Even the focus point for the camera is much different than for visible light.

In this photograph a road curves through the mystic forest of Bur Oaks—a Tolkienesque place where enchantment can happen at any moment.

LOCATION: Preparation Canyon State Park in the Loess Hills of western Iowa, USA.

This photographic print is part of a limited edition produced by photographer Lee Rentz. The edition consists of 250 prints, which includes all sizes and methods of printing. When the edition is completed, no more fine art prints will be created from this photograph, although the image may be used for open edition notecards and other very small prints.

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