Doloimiti Panorama 1

A panoramic view of the Dolomite Range from the Lagazuoi ski area.
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The last stage of the long, grueling trek from Pederu to Lagazuoi was a series of steep switchbacks up one of the Lagazuoi ski slopes. With nearly another 450 feet of climbing ahead, after already climbing close to 6000 feet over nearly 15 miles, it was tough to keep slogging on.

Just before beginning that last ascent, the trail passes a gap in the mountainside. That gap gave us our first glimpse of the full majesty of the jagged peaks and spires of the legendary Dolomite Range in their full majesty, from almost 9000 feet up.

That vista took our minds off of our fatigue for a few moments, allowing us to recharge a bit before beginning the ascent along the final series of steep switchbacks to Rifugio Lagazuoi.

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