Counting Down

Images presented to you today have no relevance to each other, except that they are all included in the Printed Art Collection, which I recommend that you peruse when you have a chance. Counting down in subject matter, our first piece has 5 subjects, the second - four, and so on. When you look at this lovely array of work, what is really evident is the quality of the pieces overall. From the gorgeous reflected trees standing in a Tennessee river, to Paris' Arc De Triomphe in time lapse, these images take a good eye and a lot of talent to pull off. It's what we look for in curating the Printed Art Collection, and we hope that you enjoy the selections here and the body of work itself!

River Trees by William Schmid

Peachy Keen Still Life by KassiJo Wyatt

Three Koi by Steve Gravano

Cheetahs In The Wild by Martin Heigan

Arc Exposure by Kim Wilson

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